Help your clients discover the core of their behavior, actually “decoding” their patterns as ways of coping with unmet needs

Show them how to replace unwanted behavior with self-care that meets their deepest needs

Work at the source of the behavior, rather than chasing after the outward symptoms

Release years of frustration for your clients in just minutes, and build a practice on solutions that truly work


As a Licensed Clinician, you know that clients bring a myriad of issues to sessions – some they know going in, and some they discover while working with you.  

Yet as long as they experience this struggle, they face resistance on their path to self-fulfillment, healing, and happiness.

What if you had a kind of “script” – an effective process to offer clients – so that you could always help them when they get stuck, resistant, unmotivated or hopeless?

Experience rapport with themselves

in their Present State and with their Future Self Desired State (without their eating and body issues or pursuit of endless weight-loss schemes)

Quickly decode self-limiting thoughts and patterns

in real-time to interrupt recurring habits

Identify new ways of coping

help clients to survive without the behavior now and in their future

Self-discover—in REAL-TIME—behavior change strategies and self-care practices

which are uniquely their own, lessening resistance and building trust

Build self-acceptance, compassion, and hope

leading to increased motivation and belief in the intended outcome of having their dreams come true (and not hooked onto a certain weight or size goal)

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The missing piece for your practice

You’ve tried all the modalities but something is missing

You’ve got great tools in your practice, and they all matter, but there’s a deeper level that’s at the root of your clients current behavior and choices that isn’t being addressed.

Watching your clients relapse is heartbreaking
Break the cycle

The cycle of progress followed by setback is not only draining and demotiviating to your clients, it saps the joy out of your sessions and your practice. There is a better way!


The online format make it especially easy for clinicians to earn CE credit AND  incorporate this proven methodology into their practice.


Live weekly Q+A + Consultation Zoom sessions over 12+ weeks, and continuing for the life of the program.


Go at your own pace! You’ll have ongoing access to all of the materials.


You can start implementing the decoding process and seeing results faster than you thought possible.


Introduction – Orientation, Background, Research & Assessment

This robust Module One is a mini-course itself, giving practitioners the essentials in the context of the Behavior Decoding Method™ – Health At Every Size®, Neuroscience of Behavior Change, and evidence-based research – to counsel and support their clients to self-discover their own solutions.

This first module is an introduction to decoding the spiritual, symbolic, and archetypal meaning and messages – the intended positive outcome and purpose in eating and weight/body-related thoughts, beliefs, and behaviors, and the keys to transforming them.


Symbolic Food Cravings: Non-Physical Hunger, Compulsive Eating, Bingeing

Through decoding the symbolic language of the foods craved, clients self-discover their emotional or spiritual hungers, unresolved feelings, unmet intrinsic needs and desires hidden in the food itself, and the metaphors relating to their life.

As they discover other things that they crave in life, and new ways to sustainably satisfy those needs and desires, the symbolic food cravings diminish and stop on their own.


Judgments About Body JABS: self-berating, body-bashing words

Through decoding the judgmental language about the body, which is never about the body, clients identify something else, more elusive, that is deeply troubling them.

As they begin to take the words off of their body, they experience more acceptance and self-compassion and are able to explore ways for solving deeper issues hidden in the criticisms, freeing up energy and time for self-care, appreciation, and love.


Weight & Size Wishes: The obsession with being a certain weight or size

Through decoding the wish, clients discover what they desire but put on hold in their life, or what has been inaccessible due to their preoccupation with working on their body, and waiting for it to change, over and over again.

As the client begins to include more of their desired experiences in life NOW – rather than hook those things onto weight loss – they feel a renewed sense of freedom, fulfillment, acceptance and joy.


Restricting Foods & Eating Anxieties: Chronic dieting, low intake, obsessive rituals, food phobias, Anorexia Nervosa

Through decoding the types of foods that the client fears and restricts, they also identify what else they are denying in life.

Clients discover new solutions for fulfilling needs and letting in what they have denied experiencing:  more enjoyment and freedom with food and allowing other areas of their life that have been neglected to be fulfilling and fun again.


Movement Blocks: ”Exercise Resistance” – lack of enjoyable movement and physical fitness

Through decoding the activities resisted, clients learn that there is a very important, yet buried message (belief) that is limiting body movement.

This discovery helps to release the blocks – often shame-based – and to restore clients’ joyful and sustainable movement practices, and care of their body, on whatever level they find enjoyment and choice for physical fitness.


Compulsive Over-Exercise: Continuing physical activities with frequency, intensity and duration that strain the body, especially with an inadequate intake

Through decoding the excessive activities, clients learn to identify the fears that are “running” about, such as not doing enough in life and at the same time over-doing, and how going to extremes calms their expectations.

These discoveries help them to find their own unique balance and harmony in expectations, boundaries, and self-care, and returns them to moderate, safe and joyful activity.


Compensatory Behaviors / Bulimia: Purging behaviors to compensate for food intake

Through decoding the purging method, metaphors are revealed which illustrate what the client wants to “stuff down”, what they want to rid themselves of, and what is hard to hold onto in life.

They then discover new ways to create in life, including soothing emotions, authentic self-expression in voice and creativity, and healthy self-care.


Others’ Comments and Commentaries on Food and Body – “Deflect Not Inflict” Internalizing and identifying with comments from others

Through their inner reaction to food and body comments or commentary by another person or an entity – such as advertising, mainstream, or social media – whether directed at them personally or through identification with the message – clients learn their inner landscape of emotional triggers and responses.  They expand their capacity and tolerance. And they also realize that it is the Other’s issue(s), it is not actually about them.

Clients’ Self-discovery of using their voice creatively, with respectful and powerful “comebacks”, whether they actually deliver verbally or not, has shown potential for far-reaching ripple effects!  They also plan for setting boundaries and self-expression in other ways, empowering their stance of non-victimization of the detrimental cultural discourse on food and body.


Obsessive Body Checking: Compulsive weighing, measuring, mirror checks, pinching, sizing

Though decoding how one is measuring oneself – in addition to the thoughts, beliefs, and identity structures, clients learn how the diet culture “ideals” have hijacked their self-worth, and how they can now find their true inner voice of love, compassion, and inner guidance that becomes their new measuring tool in life.

Here’s what you get in the BDM™ Training:

33 CEs

Approved for Psychologists, Therapists, and Counselors through APA, and RDs through CDR/AND. CEs can be submitted at the completion of all modules, or as 3 CEs/Module so that you get as many as you need, and you can split for cycles

Professional Certification

as a Certified Behavior Decoding Method™ Practitioner upon completion of the course and all requirements

A system of tools

you can take away and use right away with your clients

24/7 access to the membership course portal

9 Modules of Behavior Decoding Processes – PLUS exposure to 12 new MIND-SET Decoding Processes BEYOND Food & Body! (Available after the BDM Training)

Start Materials – Module 1

Assessment Tools, Introduction, Research, and “Intuitive Body” Program and HAES, Neuro-repatterning, and more!

Content Sessions – Video demonstrations with clients

Clinician Manual, all training and client materials, and module downloads, including the 9 decoding processes plus bonus session interviews with leaders in the field and additional modules on Transformational Neuro-Linguistic techniques that are exceptionally useful in helping clients heal from disordered eating and detrimental body-related behaviors

Weekly LIVE Q+A and Consultation/Case Studies

so that you get solutions!

On-going Support

Access to Dr. Birsinger, guest Q+A expert clinicians, and member peers, so that no question will go unanswered!

1-on-1 Case Consultation sessions

so that you apply what you learn as you learn it

Session Recordings

For viewing/listening at your convenience

Comments Section

in each module specific to that topic: questions, suggestions, comments, stories of success, and challenges with the method or other practice issues; Community interaction

New Community Forum!

To discuss techniques and strategies to best serve clients and to provide feedback, general discussion topics, and support to others


of new videos, modules, and interviews

Exceptional and Lasting Transformation

for your clients, who also gain motivation

Greater ease and enjoyment

in your practice while getting more referrals and revenue!

ACCESS to Professionals Mastermind Group

after completion.


Frequently Asked Questions

How does this process help my really stuck clients in general?

By being in rapport with your clients’ current behaviors (not just wanting them to stop and take on new behaviors) but truly having compassion for the underlying meaning and purpose, and that there may be something even more precious to the client than we are aware of presently.  This gives clients permission, acceptance, compassion, and rapport with themselves, so they are better able to take on more responsibility, inspiration, and action in their journey.

How does the Decoding apply to people who are really stuck on losing weight?

It helps them to find what is the underlying meaning and ultimate desired outcome in their quest for weight loss (it is never just about the weight).  Once they discover this, it gives them a whole new perspective and helps them to get unstuck from cultural and social pressures.  There are many processes to be learned in the training that help clients to move toward healthy behaviors without worry and obsession with weight.

What if I am in another training now?

The good news – this course is designed for your own pace and in your own time.

More good news – it is designed to work synergistically with other treatment methods. The BDM enhances, amplifies, and sustains other methodologies as well!

The best news – It is EASY, TAKE-AWAY, RIGHT-AWAY, with a step-by-step, easy-to-follow system – so you won’t get information overload. 

How much time will each module take to complete the training?

The Introductory Module 1 has about 2-3 hours of content featuring 6 short videos – which you can watch on your own time. Once you finish Module 1, you can move on to the 9 Behavior Decoding Modules.

Each of the Decoding Training Modules is about an hour of training, including the specific client video demonstration and step-by-step instructions. Some of the Modules have additional client videos (optional).

Each module has a Decoding Chart ready for you to use right away with your clients, and you can start practicing the very next day!

Can this be used with groups?

Yes! I will cover this as a specific training topic in the Webinar, for both online and in-person groups.

There are separate handouts – charts for you to use with clients – in a group setting.

It is important to use the process with individuals to learn the nuances of working with Decoding  Processes first, then branch out to using it with groups, as there are group dynamics to consider.

Many practitioners find it serves as a powerful discussion topic for weeks or months to come. And, clients love the groups, so referrals increase as well.  Groups can be a great way for your clients to connect within a community and to give and receive support, particularly during physical distancing with the COVID-19 pandemic.

How does the BDM™ help clients who don’t want to look at their behaviors?

It provides a new way of seeing things—because it is self-guided, it helps them find their own language, their own feelings, needs, and solutions, and therefore, they are less resistant to, and often don’t require outside suggestions on ways to transform their behaviors. Because it uses the current behaviors, it is not asking more of the client than where they are or can access, at the present time.

What if I am starting out in a new practice working with eating & weight issues?

You are in the right place! This is a must-have training that will set you up for better results right away. The program gives you a huge advantage to begin with seasoned professionals in a course that is based in the Health At Every Size® Paradigm and setting up a welcoming practice that meets the needs of the incredibly diverse community of clients.

Professionals of all levels of experience seeking this Certification Training are learning something new, exciting, and loved by clients.  You also gain a competitive edge with those outside of this training, and a collaborative edge of community and support with those inside the training now, in the past, and in the future!

For support, mentoring, and supervision, there are weekly Live Q+A Sessions and practice groups with me and my guest presenters. Help is also available in the Comments Section in each of the Decoding Training Modules as well as the Forum Section.

You can practice the Decoding Process with others, like those in this course, your colleagues, or friends until you are feeling confident to implement it with clients. It is easy to start, then questions may come up, so there are practice groups and Q+A Consultations.

What if I can’t participate in the Live Q+A + Case Study Sessions?

The schedule and advance notice of the Live calls (on Zoom) will be provided at sign-up, which can allow time to arrange your schedule if possible.  They will be offered on a few different days and times so that more people may be able to join.

There will also be plenty of opportunities for feedback and support.  You can POST your questions and receive peer responses, as well as from me and my guest presenters:

1.     In the specific Decoding Behavior Module’s Comments Section

2.     Case Studies Tab in the Program – where I will review and reply.

3.     On the live sessions, I will address your questions and case studies even if you aren’t able to be on the call.

What about using these Decoding Processes with Bariatric clients?

Yes, especially before the surgery; hopefully they can find what hasn’t been found or has not been offered to them before a surgical procedure – that could help them get off the dieting-weight obsession and weight cycling – and a reason to postpone the surgery may be indefinite—so that they can see how an alternative CAN work) and also as a preventive measure to ensure no further weight gain.

Yes, after surgery to prevent relapse and failure of the procedure—as there is a high percentage— and usually, patients are not offered alternatives other than dieting, which has been part of the problem from the beginning, and can lead to malnutrition (already a risk with bariatric surgeries) and weight gain down the road.

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