The Behavior Decoding Method™ Professionals Training

For Licensed Health Professionals or
Certified Coaches who work with clients wanting to transform and heal their struggle with disordered eating or weight-related behaviors

Private Individual Consulting/Clinical Supervision–Online and In-Person (Certified through IAEDP)

Group Training and Coaching–Online and Live, with 27 CE hours and Certification for professionals who work with clients struggling with eating and weight concerns across the spectrum: The Behavior Decoding Method™Advanced Professional Training for Transforming Disordered Eating and Weight-Related Behaviors”
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For Psychologists/Psychotherapists, Licensed Counselors, Registered Dietitians, and other Licensed Health Professionals, and a NEW COURSE for Certified Health and Wellness Coaches

What if you had a Decoding Tool?

A Magic-Like Edge in Your Clinical Toolbox…

Are you a professional working with clients who have eating and weight issues?  Looking for something new and different?

What would it be like if you had a system with concrete steps and structure for your clients to:

  • Get unstuck from their disordered eating and weight-related behaviors, beliefs, and identity?
  • Find their own unique ways to satisfy unmet needs and desires, lessening their behaviors?
  • Improve results and stay motivated long-term?

Professionals Training Quiz: CLICK this link to take the 4-minute Assessment for Licensed Professionals treating eating disorders.

Coaches Training Quiz: CLICK this link if you are a Life, Health, or Wellness Coach working with individuals with eating and weight concerns, it only takes 4 minutes!

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