Dr. Barbara Birsinger

I’ve had the opportunity to work with some of the most amazing people in the world. They come from all different walks of life and variety of experiences.

Professionals and high achievers.  Students, stay at home moms and those helping their parents.  Businesswomen, entrepreneurs, doctors, lawyers, artists, creatives and those looking to make a part of their life a little more peaceful.

No matter what they do or where they come from, they have experienced the struggle with food and weight.

And I get it.  I have too… which is why this work is so important to me.

I want women to know they can stop the diet cycle.  They can let go of the spinning that happens when we go from one trending diet to another, struggle with body image and encounter shame over our war with food.

This is so important to me that I have spent nearly 3 decades studying, researching and developing a system to put an end to the insanity that we each face when encountering food struggles.

Because there is a better way than dieting.  It involves using your own creative wisdom and tapping into your innate ability to intuitively eat and to develop an appreciation for your body (the only one you have).  I explain more about this here.

To take this healing even further is to learn to live in a misguided, counter-productive culture by developing your own way, your own voice, and taking back your body by living as a role model for peace and freedom around food and weight.  Learn your inner reactions to other’s judgmental commentaries and how to speak creative and respectful comebacks and creative ways to express your feelings about weight and size prejudice and stigma, to someday have this transformed in our lives and those who come after.

I have taken the best of intuitive nutrition, psychology, mind-body medicine, behavioral science, neuroscience, and biology, and mixed it with a ton of personal knowledge and experience, added aspects of spirituality and energy work, and brought in what I have gained from the experience of countless people who have worked with me to put an end to the pain that disordered eating causes.

They have discovered a better way of being — a way that no longer has a diet or fixing their body as the central focus of their life and their day.

And I want that same result for you:  Free with food, peace and comfort with your body.

Let’s look at how.

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Dr. Birsinger’s recent work is focused on the development of an innovative method, a system she designed for revealing the deeper meaning, purpose, and intended positive outcome in eating and weight-related behaviors.

Dr. Birsinger’s work is based on 30 years extensive research and clinical practice, and influenced by the cure and healing of her own eating disorder over 35 years ago, as well as inspiration from many others with whom she has worked and shared experiences.

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