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Individuals who want to transform and heal their struggle with disordered eating or weight-related behaviors.

If you are looking for something new and lasting to help with your angst around eating and weight, wait no longer!

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  • New Course for Individuals and GroupsThe Food & Body Code™: Feel Free with Food and At Peace with Your Body – Finally and Forever  ©2017-2019,  Dr. Birsinger.  An 8-week Training Program with Live Weekly Group Coaching Calls, Online Community Group, and Optional Live Private Consultations (Zoom, phone, or in-person).

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This program has had a profound effect on how I relate to food.  I no longer have banned foods or have non-hunger food cravings.  Eating feels normal for the first time in my life!  I would absolutely recommend this workshop.  This program covers new ground.  Tools are very usable and available when they are needed.  Practical information easily understood.  Great job!

A.C. - Santa Rosa, CA

My consciousness shifted.  I have an awareness that has changed my practices in a loving versus judgmental way.  I learned a lot about my eating patterns through hunger attunement and deciphering between symbolic and stomach hunger.  Using
my non-dominant hand was very insightful!  These exercises are wonderful!  I am looking forward to continued contact. This was an amazing class!  When every woman released something or claimed something, I felt the same way!  Very powerful!

T.D. - San Francisco, CA

I’ve made some big changes in my life…I was resistant at first, but by the end I had such a sense of love.  The last night of group sharing was especially powerful for me… And I made changes in my eating habits and exercise habits…I tried on a glamorous Christmas outfit that I haven’t been able to fit into for several years, and it fits once again.  I know that I’ve made these changes consciously with the help of lots of prayers and affirmations about loving myself.  And the best part is I did it without dieting!!!  I eat whatever I want to but overall I make better choices and I exercise a lot.  Riding my bike makes me feel like a kid and I don’t want to stop. So thank you for your work. So many women benefit from your assistance to just turn things around and love themselves fully!…

B. - Santa Rosa, CA

Barbara, I want to express my profound appreciation for this wonderful workshop. I know I’ve told you before, but I want to say it again, in writing…I ‘believe’ in the concepts and for that reason have been willing to stay with it [the process of the workshops] despite my problems with it. I know in the long run that it is the best approach; in fact, the only long term ‘solution.’   You  always seem to have an explanation or a response to every issue I or others bring up as we work at implementing it.  I realize how useful the repetition, repetition, repetition is. So many years of conditioning have to be broken down, bit by bit.  I stayed with a strong Symbolic Eating urge today, looking at it the way you explained it (again) last night instead of my usual way. Although I have not solved the underlying issue, the urge to overeat has lessened dramatically if not disappeared altogether.  There is simply no way to thank you enough. In deepest gratitude

DD-Sebastopol, CA

Still reaping a lot of rewards from the Decoding and Intuitive Eating Process! Can’t tell you how much it has helped me- aside from losing weight (and not one craving or symbolic hunger left unfulfilled!) I feel so much more depth of feeling for my eating and nourishment process. Thank you!

CB - Ukiah, CA

ML-Santa Cruz, CAText Message

KB-MichigaqnText message

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