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Dr. Barbara Birsinger, specializes in the symbolic meaning and soulful purpose in disordered eating and weight issues, working with individuals and groups for three decades to promote intuitive nutrition, size acceptance, and health promotion. Barbara engages with clients to feel at peace with food, experience joy and vitality in their body, and find true nourishment and passion in life, by using techniques to create neuro-resets and transform the beliefs and identity structures that hold behaviors in place.

Barbara leads several online courses and live coaching programs.  One is for women: The Intuitive Body – The Power WithYin – Feel Free with Food and At Peace with Your Body, Finally & Forever.  Others are Professional Certification and Continuing Education Training:  The Behavior Decoding  Method™- Advancing Transformation and Recovery from Disordered Eating and Weight-Related Behaviors (for  Licensed Health Professionals); and The Food & Body Code® for Coaches – Get Rapid and Lasting Transforming of Your Client’s Behaviors and Beliefs

Mother of two young adults, Barbara is passionate about helping others heal, and changing the cultural myths, standards, and stigmas that affect both youth and adults, and more vulnerable and marginalized groups. Much of her approach is based on healing her own experience of an eating disorder decades ago, and from extensive research, clinical practice, and from others with whom she shared experiences.  Barbara is planning a new research study in partnership with Stanford University, and building and testing a Mobile App to deliver her Method to those most in need across the globe.  Barbara’s Method was also the basis of an RCT Study for her Doctorate Dissertation in Spiritual Healing and Energy Medicine.

She is a therapeutic consultant and coach in private practice working with individuals, groups, professionals, and organizations in the San Francisco Bay Area, California. She most recently worked at The Body Positive Institute Counseling Center in San Rafael, the Riverside Counseling of Petaluma, and for nearly a decade at the Integrative Medical Clinic of Santa Rosa, and nearly 2 decades providing consulting services at the Fairmont Sonoma Mission Inn and Spa. Barbara also worked in corporate health promotion in the Silicon Valley Boom during the early-mid-80’s.
Barbara also conducts private and group sessions with clients in person, and virtually via phone, Zoom, and Webinars.

Dr. Birsinger was formerly President of the Board,  on the Executive Board of Directors, and an Advisor to the Board of Directors of Eating Disorder Recovery Support, Inc. (EDRS), an all-volunteer, San Francisco Bay Area-based 501(c)3 non-profit organization that is dedicated to promoting community awareness and prevention of eating disorders, professional education, and collaboration and providing treatment scholarships to individuals that need financial assistance for treatment. She was also on the Board of Andrea’s Voice Foundation and the Advisory Board of the Healthy Teen Project.

She can be reached by email on the Contact page.

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University of California at Berkeley

Bachelor’s Degrees in Nutritional Sciences and Dietetics, UC Berkeley

Master’s Degree in Public Health Nutrition, UC Berkeley

Holos University Graduate Seminary

Theology Doctorate Degree in Spiritual Healing and Energy Medicine


Health At Every Size® Educator/ Eating Behavior Specialist

Certified Eating Disorder Specialist-RD/Nutrition Therapist (IAEDP)

Clinical Supervisor for Professional Certification for Eating Disorder RDs (IAEDP)

Certified Master Transformational NLP Practitioner (Neuro-Linguistic Programming at Marin NLP)

Licensed HeartMath® Biofeedback Coach/Mentor

Licensed Spiritual Health Counselor/Ordained Minister, Non-denominational


Dr. Birsinger’s professional work began with managing health programs in hospital, medical and community health settings, and later moved into private practice consultation with corporate executive and employee groups, national and local health care organizations, athletic, model and performing arts companies, health spas, schools and educational organizations, community groups and individuals.

She is a contributing author in the reference textbook Health Promotion in the Workplace, and she worked in Corporate Health Promotion in Silicon Valley in the mid-1980s. Over the past three decades, Barbara has authored programs specializing in her own unique and powerful processes to restore innate intuitive eating, size acceptance, and body esteem, working to end ending compulsive eating, eating anxieties, weight obsession and weight-related behaviors.  Dr. Birsinger has also worked with Intensive Outpatient Programs and Residential Treatment Centers for Eating Disorders and Chemical Dependency.