Iris Epstein, RDN, CDN, CDE, CEDRD

“I am not sure if you remember the interrogating that I put you through prior to purchasing your program. Your program was different. Helping clients deconstruct their own food cravings, resistance to exercise, or JABS, among many other topics was fascinating for both of us [clinician and client]. Each time I see my client’s body language and face as they provide me with their answers, I can see them unraveling years of confusion about their relationship with food or their body. Using this tool…has been one of the best I have found yet. It is interactive and systematic which is very different than motivational interviewing or simple dialoging."

Gwyn Zmolek, MA, LCPC, NCC, EDS

I received training on the Decoding Process during the winter/spring 2012 session. I use the decoding process with all of my clients and find it extremely helpful. It allows my clients to clearly see the connection they have with food, exercise and their bodies. There is a great sense of relief when clients finally have insight into the question, “Why am I doing this?”. When I hear clients say things like, “I realized that what I truly needed at that time was…” or when I see them pull a Chi Chart out of their purse then I know that the Decoding Process is making a difference. The forms are easy to follow and the information that the webcasts and Barbara Birsinger provide are invaluable. Thank you, Barbara, for this wonderful tool. I look forward to this [Summer ’12] session and appreciate the opportunity to have continued access to the Behavior Decoding materials.”

Anne Marlantes, MA, LMHC

"I have an experience using the decoding of food cravings process for the first time. What I found most interesting is this: I have been working with this client on her emotional eating issues for over 1 year – I know her well and we have been talking in depth about what purpose the food is serving that isn’t about hunger. I thought we had gotten to the root of things pretty well. And yet, using this process yesterday there were things that came out that had NEVER come up before that are VERY significant! Thought you would like to hear about that! Best,”    

Betsy Thurston, MPH, RDN

“I have incorporated these tools into my practice and am now using them regularly. Barbara’s Behavioral Decoding course was fantastic! I have nothing but good things to say about how useful it has been. I absolutely love having this resource in my practice. I have recommended this workshop to several people. Loved it. [These] tools have been a life-saver. They are my “go-to” when I am in the midst of working with someone and realize I am stuck, or even when I need a starting point. They are now probably my number one most reliable tool in my toolbox, and I am very grateful. Many people have this information but what you have provided is the method for organizing and presenting and using the knowledge. It helps me organize my thoughts around which direction to go with a client.”

Debbie Devine, MA, LMFT

This [Behavior Decoding Method] training is the best money I ever spent in pragmatic support of my clients who suffer from food and weight related issues. I really appreciating you, Barbara…for all these useful [decoding] charts. What a ton of work…your work is brilliant! (Also: D.r Anita Johnston, The Body Positive, Carolyn Costin, Elissa Freedman Shapiro, Doris Smeltzer, Marilyn Wann, Ragen Chastain, Judith Matz, Linda Bacon and Francie White…)”